Psychotherapy for individuals

Carl Freudenburg offers short-term and long-term psychotherapy for individuals on a once or twice a week basis. Dr. Freudenburg uses psychodynamic and affect-based methods as well as visual imagery and dream imagery to foster the personal development of the individual client. Psychological healing is approached through an appreciation of unconscious forces that contribute to personal suffering and interpersonal problems.

Who can benefit from Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy can be helpful to anyone with problems such as anxiety, depression, emotional crises, excessive fears, insomnia and nightmares, marital difficulties, psychosomatic issues, professional problems, relationship issues, self-doubts, or poor self-image. It can also help if you are suffering from a loss of creativity, seeking new directions at mid-life, looking to explore your unknown talents and abilities, or trying to recover a sense of personal meaning in your life.