The Analytical Process is one of the two fundamental Jungian Analysis characteristics. This analysis quality is the key to understanding the importance of all of the other analysis qualities. When you understand this core Jungian characteristic you can begin to see the meaning of all the other Jungian analysis characteristics. And with this understanding, you can utilize the other analysis features to achieve whatever you are aiming for.

Jungian Analysis Characteristics

But first, what is the Analytical Process? It is a term I use often but there is actually a better way to think of it. The Analytical Process is the method by which you determine how one should use his/her Analytical mental state. In order to clarify this, we will make a few sentences about what an Analytical mental state is. It is a mental state in which one can use insight into his/her environment to discover the truth or some reality that is hidden from the conscious mind. By mastering the use of the Analytical Process you can use your truth or reality to affect any goal you desire in your life.

Now let us get down to the specifics of how the Analytical process works. In order to master the use of the Analytical Process, you must learn how to unlock the door of your mind. By unlocking the door of your mind we mean that you allow access to your subconscious. Once you have access to your subconscious then you are able to determine what your truth or reality is. This is done through the exploration of your environment.

One thing to consider here is that there is no one right answer. Everyone has their own unique personality and that personality is reflected in their environment. The interpretation of your environment is dependent upon the individual. If you need more information about Jung’s Theory of Personality then please continue reading.

As an individual, you will need to examine your personal history and determine your deeper self. You will then need to learn your personal truth. This is not accomplished by finding the answers by using your analytical process. You have a choice in how you want this to go. If you choose to use the Analytical process then you are telling yourself what your analysis is, you are deciding what you want to believe.

If however, you choose to remain in the waking state and work on your personal development then you must make sure you have permission from yourself. You must never go against what your inner voice says to you. The inner voice of your true self can direct your path, but you must listen. Listen to your inner guidance and follow the line which they have drawn for you. If you don’t you will end up getting nowhere fast.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will not always agree with other individuals who are close to you. That is a fact of life and it is nothing personal. People have different personalities. And as we become closer to someone we begin to recognize patterns and behaviors that relate to their personality and that of another individual.

In understanding the deeper meaning of Jungian analysis one must remember that he is an analysis which deals with how our personality affects our ability to function within a group. What we have to understand is that each one of us has our own little voice that speaks to us from our inner core. This little voice is our true inner self and it is very similar to our role models. If we can hear this inner voice and connect with it then it will help guide us down the path of personal development. Jungian analysis characteristics are important to understand because if you take this type of analysis in its proper order you will realize that what you believe about yourself or your environment actually affects what you do.